Huub Archimedes II 3:5 2017

Huub are market leaders when it comes to wetsuits and their Archimedes range has become a popular choice for both amateur and professional triathletes and Ironman athletes. Carrying on from where the original Archimedes left off, the Huub Archimedes II 3:5 Wetsuit has been designed to offer even more flexibility and a 'non suit' feel.

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After extensive testing both in open water and in lab conditions, Huub has added 1-millimetre thick Cholorprene foam on the back and shoulder sections. This suit also benefits from a 25% reduction in neoprene thickness. This results in a more flexible and comfortable suit.

Offering an even longer reach, with less effort required, the underarm gusset has been redesigned. The 'non suit' feel is enhanced by this with more flexible material and the new lateral panels.

Ideal for those either new to swimming or for “skinny legged swimmers', the unique suit reduces the drag the athlete creates by lifting the individual's legs up to the surface.

Further improvements to the Archimedes II include an 80% larger X-O Skeleton framework. This holds your core in the most efficient position possible to keep your hips in line and stops the common fishtailing that wastes power and speed. Correcting all these issues, the X-O Skeleton promotes good body roll and encourages a good stroke.

A low neckline makes this a comfortable option for both racing and training and a 25% larger calf release and a remodelled bicep release improves stroke and efficiency.