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Blueseventy is where it all started for My Sporting Times and we still love their products and the general ethos of the company. We consider blueseventy to be a 'no-nonsense & no gimmicks' manufacturer offering first rate specialist swimming products that do what you want them to do....and do it exceptionally well.

We are really excited about the arrival of the new 2011 range of Triathlon clothing and feel confident our customers will be equally as impressed.

The quality and performance of the wetsuits is fantastic and in the very rare instance that there is an issue, their customer support is both responsive and flexible. We are proud to stock the whole range of blueseventy wetsuits and Triathlon clothing and look forward to 'opening our shop doors' both online and at the Tri2O Swim Centre.

The wetsuit range includes the Axis and Helix (winner of the 2010 220 Triathlon Award for Best Wetsuit for the 2nd year running)and we are sure these suits will prove to be very popular amongst our Open Water Swimmers again in 2011.

Beside the wetsuits and Triathlon clothing, blueseventy also manufacture a great range of accessories which are well made and 'do what they say on the tin'. The highlight of the accessory range for us is the goggles, these come in a number of different styles to suit your needs whether those are pool based or pure open water swimming. The pinnacle of the range is the lovely CarbonRZR....whilst the goggles themselves are a work of art we reckon the packaging will make you swim faster too (it won't really but Deano from Blue Seventy thinks it will)!!